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Illini Girls State

"Illini Girls State A Purrfect Week of Leadership, Campaigning, and Friendship"

Director: Sarah Wyckoff
Dean: Kathleen Meade

Directors Report:
The 76th session of Illini Girls State will be held on the campus of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston from Sunday, June 19th to Saturday, June 25th.  The staff will arrive on Friday, June 17th to prepare for the citizens' arrival.  During the week the citizens will learn about the voting process, elections, campaiging, patriotism, and so much more.

I encourage all unts to send at least one girls to the 76th session.  We have plenty of spaces available, and I would love to see our numbers increase this year.  If units are not able to send a citizen they are more than welcome to send a donation to the program.  We appreciate all of the support from units in continuing this wonderful program.  Without your support and contributions, it wouldn't be possible. 

The fees for the 76th session will remain at $ 250.00 per citizen as was set at the July IGS Committee meeting.  The paperwork for selecting your IGS delegates will be in the January/February department packet.

I strongly encourage all units or districts to host an orientation for their citizens.  Ask former citizens to come back and share their experience with the girls and allow them to ask questions about the program.  Former citizens are one of our best tools to promote and grow this program, so use them!  if you are in need of help with your orientation please contact me and I will get in touch with someone in your area.

Past Department President Pam Ray will serve as National Girls State Chairman and she has set six National Goals.  One goal is to actively encourage all eligible American Legion Auxiliary Girls State Citizens (past and present) to join the Auxiliary.  One of my personal awards will tie into this goal.

Another national objective is to instill a commitment of volunteerism and an awareness of the American Legion Auxiliary's mission to all citizens.  We have taken many steps to incorporate this into the program in recent years by having the POW/MIA ceremony, flag ceremonies, Blue Star Banner Ceremony, recognition of Junior Members, and two years ago we started a program fair in which staff members showcased Auxiliary programs.  I hope that we can continue to incorporate these elements into the program again this year.

One other national goal that I wanted to bring to your awareness is promoting the Samsung Scholarship opportunity to Girls State participants who are direct descendants of a veterans.  Units could include a flyer promoting the Samsung scholarship in your Girls State packets to schools or identify eligible recipients during your interview process.  Please contact me if you have further questions or need assistance in getting this information out.

I will award two personal awards to encourage participation and participation and creativity in Girls State program.  The first is a unit award to the unit who signs up the most new Auxiliary members from past or current IGS citizens.  The second award is a unit award is a unit award to the unit for the most unique funding of the IGS citizens.  Both awards will be $ 10.00.  My hope is these two awards will encourage units to recruit citizens and Auxiliary members.

We are currently working on a process to make registration paperless.  Watch the ALA Today for further information.

The planning for the 76th session of Illini Girls State is underway and I am excited to work with Assistant Director Carolee Junge, Dean of Education Kathleen Meade, and Assistant Dean Caralea Smith. 

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