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American Legion Auxiliary
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Strategic Plan

Chairman Julia Moore

Part of the Five-Year Strategic Planning is to share good will. That does not mean just good will to the public, but it also means to share good will among fellow members. The last couple of years we have heard "purr more, hiss less" among other sayings. Unfortunately, I am not sure that we as members have fully acknowledged what that means.

I hear so often about conflicts among members in Units and between Units and Posts. Ladies, we need to under-stand that we are here to serve the veterans, the children and our communities. Is this possible if we aren't even able to get along with each other? I think not. Some of us have been members for many years and say "we have always done it this way." Is this good for the future of our organization or will this bring about the end of our 100 year old organization? The long-time members need to embrace the newer members and mentor them. We need to listen to all members. They may just have some good ideas. We have to understand that what worked 30-40-50 or more years ago may just not work today. This is certainly not what I want for the organization that I love and that I have dedicated myself to for 45 years.

Younger members are our future. Without them, the ALA will not survive another 100 years. When you get a new member in, do you embrace her, explain things to her, and get her involved or do you immediately put her into a position without any training or knowing what her responsibilities are? Then instead of working with her, we com-plain. Do we get to know a new member and see what her talents are and try to get her involved by asking her to do something that she would be a good fit for?

We need to learn to listen to others and then make decisions on what is good for everyone and the future of ALA. We all have a voice, but let's make sure that when we speak, we are speaking for the betterment of our Units and not for ourselves.

Here is to the future and good will among all.

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